What we do

Our U.S. based multi-national firm facilitates trade with the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) – helping global companies reach their maximum potential in this critical region.  Our unique educational approach backed by international trade financing - offers clients many necessary tools and resources to penetrate the MENA region while mitigating risk.


International Trade Financing is AVAILABLE

There are currently several programs put in place by the US government to help US businesses export their products/services accross the emerging markets of the MENA region. We will help you identify any programs your business will qualify for, match you with a foreign buyer, and work with you to develop ventures to maturity in order to get them approved and secure finances to get your products overseas.

Local Marketing and Research

Local content, marketing, research, credit reports, audited financials and social media interactions.  We also offer our clients cost effective web solutions with our international team of web developers, project managers, graphic designers, and programmers based out of our offices in Cairo, Egypt to provide our clients with robust online platforms with targeted approach to middle east.  We also offer tools to remotly manage MENA operations, inventory, logistics, finances, and meet the needs of your new customer base.

On the ground boots

As a multi-national company facilitates trade with MENA region – we established our regional satellite offices in Egypt with targeted channels into many key markets in GCC and North Africa. HSBC forecasts Egypt will be a powerhouse that will drive world trade growth between 2011 and 2025. Goldman Sachs identified Egypt as part of its Next-11 grouping, made up of countries that have large growing populations and the potential to greatly impact the global economy.

Free Trade Zones

Whether you import or export goods in and out of the MENA region - you may be able to benefit greatly from our expertise in managing and acquiring strategic warehousing in free trade zones designed to make your products more competitive in the markets we support.  Ask us how we can help you in all stages from renting free trade zone warehouse space to helping you build and operate your own free trade zone operation - whether it be assembly point or full scale manufacturing.

Ask us for examples...

Our experiences with small, medium size, and large businesses have given us a strong foundation of knowledge,

resources, and tools to not only adept to any setting but to also bring extreme value to a wide array of business processes. Ask a representitive about our client base and the solutions we have provided our clients to get their products into the hands of consumers and businesses abroad.

Establish Satellite Offices

We hear it all the time - your process is unique, you have trade secrets, you cannot depend on a local agent or distributor.  Although you recognize the tremendous oppurtunity in the MENA region for your product or service, you feel as though you have never been able to reach your maximum potential in these markets due to the inmate barriers put up by your previous relationships in this region or language barrier in combination with local system not being integrated with your processes creating inefficiencies in your go to market strategy - perhaps its time you consider a local satellite office with staff hired to meet your exact needs and project your process locally.  Its often lower cost option met with tremendous results.